Veanco provides a wide variety of structural designs, including bridges, culverts and retaining walls. Our structural engineers have designed bridges in multiple countries, over highways, waterways, and railroads. Numerous projects have involved in-depth seismic analysis and design. We are no stranger to the complex intricacies involved with geological planning and preparation. Our engineers possess the skills necessary to perform seismic evaluations, and we create versatile solutions for such challenges.

In addition, we are experts in Value Engineering (VE) evaluation and design. We excel in designing structures that can be quickly constructed, yet still maintaining both safety and cost effectiveness. It is our goal to reduce, or even eliminate while striving to minimize environmental impact, as well as the impact on any existing infrastructure. We strive to design and create modern and efficient structures that blend seamlessly into the existing landscape. It is our goal to visually compliment and physically improve existing infrastructure. 

Providing esthetically, appealing bride designs is one of our core interests. For this reason, we collaborate with renowned bridge architects. Slender and graceful bridge designs are always balanced by engineering and cost constraints.