Veanco has become increasingly specialized in “fast-track” projects, requiring a concise time from conception of the idea to the operation of the plant. These innovative techniques required for such extremely fast designs include intensive use of the most up-to-date technologies, such as satellite imagery, drones, laser scanning, helicopter surveys, and surface geotechnics for investigation purposes, combined with the vast experience and the sound engineering judgement of the firm’s senior engineers. Delivering this level of quality, safety and efficiency in such a short time requires the highest degree of skill and expertise. Veanco has these skills and expertise, and we are ready to help make your project a reality.

Hydropower, wind, and solar are the largest sources of renewable electric energy in Eastern Europe and Asia, responsible for nearly 6% of total electricity generated. Renewable energy from hydropower, wind and solar sources provide a significant part for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Solar and wind electricity generation capabilities and limits are increasing due to international donor’s incentives. Note that in some countries renewable energy portfolio standards mandate electric utility suppliers provide their customers with a specified minimum percentage of consumer electricity from renewable and sustainable sources.

These types of alternative power sources are revolutionizing the utility market the world over. Veanco is at the forefront of the energy revolution, and our engineers stay up to date with all the changes and advancements within the industry.