Ports & Marine

Port projects are generally associated with substantial economic interests. Veanco’s clients in this field include governments, port authorities and large international companies in bulk and containerized cargo shipping, who are preparing their port and berthing facilities for future demands. These types of clients typically require very sophisticated and specialized attention in order to address all of their varied needs and concerns. 

Veanco’s experience is complemented by a number of industry leading navigational and process simulation modeling packages. Our skills and expertise can assist clients at any stage of their project, from concept design and options analysis, through detailed design tendering, and construction supervision, and ultimately to condition inspection and asset management. We have successfully delivered a range of projects, including berthing and mooring facilities, large scale marina developments, beach rehabilitation and coastal protection works, and dredging studies. 

We enable the operational capability of particular proposed channel design, berthing arrangement, trans-shipment system or overall port layout to be verified in the early stages of the planning process. 

Veanco is fully aware that our work influences the quality of life, economic growth, and the natural environment. Shaping a sustainable future is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Our objective is providing engineering services that will improve society’s quality of life, by advancing the engineering science and practice. We work towards that goal in everything we do. 

Our services include:

  • Master planning and optimization of port layouts
  • Techno-economic feasibility analysis (TEFS) and detailed project reports (DPR)
  • Knowledge of proper equipment for management, storage, and transportation of cargo
  • Maximization of berth and equipment usage
  • Creation of civil structures, such as berths, jetties, warehouses & stockyards
  • Design of breakwaters
  • Dredging, dredge disposal and reclamation analysis
  • Harbor-wave analysis
  • Prediction of sedimentation in harbors, and approach-channels
  • Maximization of dredged channel layout, including depth and width
  • Coastal effect of dredging, and building coastal structures
  • Design of water-cooled intakes, as well as outfalls for power plants
  • Planning and coordination of site surveys – geotechnical, bathymetric, topography, tidal, current, and wave-sediment
  • Creation and implementation of standard operating procedures reflective of the level of automation and manning
  • Port-safety and security evaluation and planning
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Consulting-services in bidding for tenders
  • Due diligence with regard to investment in marine assets
  • Fendering and mooring systems
  • Coastal erosion and storm surge security