Railways and Metros

Veanco team of creative engineers provide state-of-the-art design solutions for railways, regardless whether it refers to upgrading an aging railway line or the design of a completely new high capacity high-speed rail system. Such design is based on the latest international standards, taking into consideration local standards and guidelines where applicable. 

Such railway designs frequently require very close interaction with tunnel, bridge and geotechnical engineers to select and design the most economical route. Route economy typically includes not only the construction costs but also operation & maintenance and – in hilly or mountainous terrain – also energy cost and achievable time savings.

Metro projects are considered the most complex infrastructure projects, since they involve a myriad of stakeholders. Providing the clients with solutions, which take the constraints caused by a large number of stakeholders into consideration in the design stage, are key to a successful project execution and at the end key to our clients’ satisfaction. 

For metro projects we provide, the same as for our other business sectors, all types of consultancy from pre-feasibility through tender design to supervision during construction.