What We Do

Veanco’s associates are, first and foremost, engineers. Veanco was founded to provide design and supervision excellence in the core sectors Transport, Energy, Water and Environmental & Social. 

Outstanding infrastructure projects our top management have been involved with include the Storebaelt undersea rail project in Denmark, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Korea High Speed Rail, ATB biopower rice husk fired renewable energy facility in Thailand, Ataturk hydropower project in Turkey, high alpine terrain road redesign in Afghanistan and India as well as large scale water transfer projects in Southern Africa.

We apply strong scientific, engineering and business principles to challenge preconceptions and we go back to basics as necessary. Our eye is on the future; however, we are ever mindful of where we came from. Safety, speed and cost effectiveness are our primary goals, and we are constantly searching for better ways to accomplish them. As revolutionary new techniques are discovered and developed every day, our search is both ongoing and never ending. This applies equally to engineering design or application, management methods and business processes. Often it is the unsaid obvious: though it may not be standard practice or even the routine within our industry, we aim to strike the right balance between efficiency, creativity, functionality, and compliance.

Our design process is organized, appropriately resourced, and well managed. Our decision making is structured and documented, and it is repeatedly challenged by the team to ensure that it remains the best solution. We continually check for engineering compliance, and we ensure that all safety precautions are observed. 

We work with owners, designers and construction professionals who value our ability to design cost effective winning solutions correctly the first time. However, we are always improving, updating, and innovating how we work. Our review process is continuous, allowing our team the opportunity to continue to learn and grow along with our experience.